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Twinkle Tribute for Drew 2017

March 9 - 12th, people of all ages can sing, dance, play, hum or anything else to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in honor of Drew.

Record and upload a video of your tribute to our social media accounts with the hashtags: #tunes4drew and your location (ex. #NOLA or #CANADA). These hashtags help us keep track of your posts and see how far our beautiful angel’s legacy is spreading!

If possible, tag Drew’s Tunes Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

For every “Twinkle Post” Drew’s Tunes will donate $1 to Kingsley House’s Music Program (up to $5,000), located in New Orleans. 

Please help Drew’s Tunes spread the word and get as many people to “Twinkle Twinkle” for Drew Joseph Boswell’s Angelversary.

This tribute not only helps us build awareness about our little foundation that could; it also makes one special little boy tap his feet in heaven. Drew loved for people to have FUN and smile, and we are grateful for any and all posts from tiny and regular sized humans.

Later Event: August 26
4th Annual Bowl-a-thon