Sweet Drew

On November, 27, 2012 we were blessed with the birth of Drew Joseph Boswell, 7 pounds, 11 ounces of beautiful. We were so happy to bring our sweet boy home. We had the staff escorting us, dancing all the way to the car. From the first day on, Drew made every day fun; with a perpetual sweet, happy demeanor.

During the 15 months of Drew’s life, he ate and ate, he danced and danced, he gave hugs, but above all he loved music! Drew’s passion for music grew and he was constantly “playing” an array of instruments including kazoos, bongos and his favorite little red piano.

March 11, 2014 was a typical day in the Boswell house. We picked him up from school, and he ran to us with that million dollar smile. That evening revolved around dinner, bath time, and most importantly happily playing! Drew was so happy that evening that we did not get him to bed until nearly 9 pm. By then he was exhausted, so we laid him down; he looked up at us and gave us a huge smile.  We gave him one more kiss and shut the door.

The following morning, March 12, we went to wake our little man, and he had passed away in his sleep. In that instant the world as we knew it was gone. The preliminary results revealed no cause for Drew’s passing. There were many unanswered questions that day.

As we seek to find answers to some of those questions, Drew’s Tunes has made it our mission to honor the blessing we had in our lives for 15 blissful months by striving to bring joyous smiles to other children.


Team Boswell

In January 2007, we met during Mardi Gras. Shortly thereafter, we fell in love after an epic pistachio eating contest that ended in a tie. Since then, we have laughed, loved each other, outcostumed anyone in our midst and had a wonderful life together. Devron is the strength, the organization and, let’s just say it, the calmness of the marriage. Georgia is the heart, the hostess, and the wit of the marriage.

No trip around the world, no festival, no restaurant could ever compare to the day Drew was born. Each day to Drew was the most amazing adventure, and the best part of our day was watching him run into our arms after school. We loved him passionately, completely. And each day we tell ourselves how grateful we are for him.

The doctor told us he was brilliant. He learned 30 sign language signs and always was able to tell us what he wanted, and thankfully he eventually trained us.

On Wednesday, we wanted to know why…why us, why our family, why anyone who has ever met our sweet boy. But we find some comfort that God needed an angel, and there is not a better one than Drew. Remember, friends, this is a celebration of a beautiful life.

Drew knew no race, no social status, no political view…all people were the same to him and he loved them with open arms and a big smile. If any good can come from this, we ask that you, just like Drew, love everyone you come in contact with.

We ask that you have no preconceived notions and realize everyone is one of God’s children, no matter who they are. If we all try to be even a little kinder, each and every day, then we will undoubtedly make the world a better place, just like our little man did for 15 months. The way we have viewed life is forever changed, and we know how blessed we are for the amazing outpouring of support and love that we have felt through this devastating time in our lives.