Starting the New Year on a High Note!

Drew’s Tunes Board recently donated $5,000 to the SUDC Foundation.

Drew’s Tunes Board recently donated $5,000 to the SUDC Foundation.

We wanted to share our most recent and greatest collaborative efforts because they are made possible by people like you. With your support, we’re able to continue doing what we do best - celebrate the life of Drew Joseph Boswell by providing musical instruments to children, expose them to local musicians, and support clinical research into SUDC (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood).

We recently donated $5,000 to the SUDC (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood) Foundation. The SUDC Foundation is the only organization worldwide whose purpose is to promote awareness, advocate for research, and support those affected by SUDC. SUDC is the fifth leading category of death in children ages one to four, yet SUDC receives no public funding. Thanks to the donation from Drew’s Tunes the SUDC Foundation will be able to continue their clinical research into SUDC and support over 800 SUDC Families in 18 countries.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors in 2018 we were able to expand our partnership with The Center for Resilience.  With the help of Drew's Tunes in 2017, The Center for Resilience was able to add music therapy to the menu of services we offer children. This allowed them to form a relationship with Roots of Music. Roots offers children a great source of pride and achievement by fostering musical ability and showcasing that talent in many public ways. The goal of both organizations is simple: develop the inherit talent and strength in each child so that they can thrive as they were meant to do.

The Roots of Music serves approximately 110 children at a time. The Center for Resilience has capacity to serve 42 children at a time (census varies). Thanks to the additional instruments donated by Drew’s Tunes, Roots can expand services so that more children from The Center of Resilience are now able to enroll.