The days and weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day are so exhilarating, aren’t they? You scuttle around buying boxes of chocolates, over sized teddy bears, and bundles of flowers to show your loved ones how very much they are indeed loved. There’s just nothing that could spoil such a dreamy time of year for anyone.

Except maybe, if you’re like me, and this time of year just reminds you how much you miss someone who has died.

I still can’t believe this is our life sometimes. My heart and arms ache for him and they always will. Amazed and thankful we have made it five years. Somehow you can live your life despite carrying the weight of losing a child.

Drew will always be our greatest inspiration.



The way Drew loved inspired us to invite you to join us in the “Love Like Drew” challenge. Drew was so special, he knew no race, no social status, no political view…all people were the same to him and he loved them with open arms and a big smile.

We love the idea of people having a random moment in their day when they feel valued, cared for, and loved. From now until the end of February we want you to leave notes with simple little messages in random places.

You could pick up a box of children’s Valentine’s Day cards that come with little envelopes or make your own cards. Write tiny messages on the cards like “You are loved”. On the outside of each card write: If you found this, it is for you.  Take the cards with you and then tuck one under the windshield wiper of a car or leave one on the counter of the coffee shop.

With every note you write send some love for Drew and his family out into the universe. We also ask that you, just like Drew, love everyone you meet.